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Children’s Tech Center is offering a wide range of online programs for school kids that include Electronics, Robotics, Drone, 3D Printing ext.

Learn at Labs

Children’s Tech Center is having a 60+ dedicated fully equipped labs across India with the facility of soldering, disordering, programing, 3D printing ext. our all labs are identical and designed by considering safety first.

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If you are having passion for education join hands with us.

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Inspiring young Innovators

Today, the world is already experiencing
the fruits of 4th industrial revolution.

The Children’s Tech Center has the unique distinction of being the hub of hands on training in science & technology to the young, imaginative and fertile minds of our future generation through program based syllabus in learning robotics, electronics, drones and 3-d printing, to capture the nuances of tech-oriented life in the 21st century.

Our approach

Our approach is always
hands-on, fun, nurturing
and inspiring.

  • DO ‘N LEARN Children learn better when they unravel basic concepts. They come up with an idea, pursue it, make mistakes, learn and grow.
  • GAMIFIED WAYSLearning is better when it is fun. We gamify learning and give badges for completing projects on the CTC learning platform.
  • LIFE SKILLSOur pedagogy encourages the young innovators to fail-fast; building resilience and promoting a growth-driven mindset.

You can learn anything, Explore
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Our curriculum is developed with industry experts and technical specialists:
combines skills to transform ideas into inventions.
Achieve Goals

Start To Success

We strengthen the link between engineering-technology-innovation.

Dedicated labs



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Teacher onboarded

We strengthen the link between engineering-technology-innovation.

We help children bring their imagination to life and bolster their creativity resulting in personalized learning experiences.

  - Internationally acclaimed kits and curriculum
  - Our STEM learning-based, engagement-driven activities:
  - Develop creative, practical and analytical skills
  - Instill a ‘maker’ spirit in young people
  - Provide opportunities for working outside the classroom
  - Encourage and motivate students to become solution providers
  - Paving the path for a smarter generation


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We are on the mission to create a next generation of innovators.
Childre's Tech Center is empowering our youth with the ‘skills of the future’.
which include computational thinking, Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, design thinking, advanced robotics ext.
1 lakh + students benefited with the various program with 60+ dedicated labs and 500+ active partners across India.

Purushottam Pachpande
Founder & CEO